time already passed like this
the last image of you
seems to be locked only in my memories
[06/100 KoKame lyrics | In Heaven]
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KOKAME 2006.02

Koki, y u smelling the blue/purple scarf Kame wore? xDDD <3333333

owh~ I see, they switched the scarfs.

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i’ve drowned and dreamt
this moment

[05/100 KoKame lyrics | Skyfall]
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[RECENT MAG] Koki asked Kame, if they got to star in a movie together, what kind of movie should it be?

Kame: “Hmm…a friendship between guys that really, really deepen. I would do anything at all for Koki. Even if I had to commit a crime, I would do it. Koki’s happiness is also mine.”

Koki: “That sounds like a pure love story.” (laughs)

Kame: “It’s about friendship!” (laughs)

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LOL Kame caressing Koki’s shaved head

#let me just direct your attention to that small pic under the top left

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+  Koki is the one who thinks always about all the members. He does things to make all of us happy. It’s nothing unpredictable (laughs), but in his own way, being straight to the point is Koki-like, I suppose.  - Kamenashi Kazuya 

i lay with the wolves
alone, it seems

[04/100 KoKame lyrics | She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)]
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wherever you go, just always remember
that you’ve got a home, for now and forever
and if you get low, just call me whenever
this is my oath to you

[03/100 KoKame lyrics | Oath ]
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where has that old friend gone
tell him it won’t be long,
'til he opens his eyes

[02/100 KoKame lyrics | February Song ]
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in the aftermath of the destructive paths we’re on
we know that no matter how many knives we put in each other’s backs
we’ll have each other’s backs, ’cause we’re that lucky together

[01/100 KoKame lyrics | Love the Way You Lie I and II]
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