I still can’t forget you 
I still can’t trust everything
Even today I can’t send you away like this
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and see this for what it is

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i lay with the wolves
alone, it seems

[04/100 KoKame lyrics | She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)]
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仁 × 和也 | 'cause if I fall
I might lose it all.
41 / 100 Kame ship posts
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Into your gravity. 

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弘人 × ナツ | I was lying.

39 / 100 Kame ship posts

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“But this is impossible.” Jin grits out, fists crumpling against Kame’s collar. Kame throws an arm forward and pins Jin against the wall, an equally restrictive grip on the his shirt. “Only if you believe it is.” he says firmly, “Now, I let go if you let go.” Jin releases, but the frown on his face doesn’t promise friendly futures. Kame breathes out as he walks to where his hat has toppled off. “Do you know how to fight?” he asks. “Yeah, of course.” “I meant with swords.” Jin looks at him, suspiciously confused. “Why?” Kame slips his hat back on, a slight smirk on his lips. “You’re going to kill the Red Queen.”「 39/100 赤亀 posts | Alice in Wonderland」
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Akame: You’ve got me wrapped around your little finger


sexual tensions everywhere

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Cause all day long I heal for the honey

Waitin’ for the one I love

The noons are hot with heartache aplenty

I’m lovesick and undone

Heal For The Honey | Brooke Waggoner

Jin looks at him. “From what?” Kame just smiles as he pulls the lever. The TARDIS bucks, twisting and shaking and quivering under their feet. They’re off to a brand new point in time, a spot in space. From loneliness. You save me from loneliness.

「 34/100 赤亀 posts | In Honor of the New Season of Doctor Who」
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And that was the last of us. 「 33/100 赤亀 posts | The Ultimate End」
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You saved my life once, and then saved it again in ways I can’t explain. So, Akanishi Jin, I’m going to save to save yours. 「 31/100 赤亀 posts | For You in Full Blossom」

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"you're just a pretty face. and me? well, i like pretty faces."
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