Do you believe in soulmates?

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06/20 Favorite OTPs (in no particular order)
Ga Eul/Yi Jung - Boys Over Flowers

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Boys Over Flowers

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“If it were me, I’d spend the time looking for my soulmate — although I’m not even sure stuff like that exists.” – Yi Jung


SoEul’s Namsan Date 

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Yi Jeong & Ga Eul, Boys Over Flowers


GE: You do not need to feel any obligations towards me. I know everything, how you feel. That's why as of now, I'm not going to seek you out.
YJ: Ga Eul...
GE: My teacher... No. Eunjae said that she did everything she wanted to do so she had no regrets or lingering feelings.
YJ: ...
GE: Thank you... for giving me the opportunity to do my best.
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